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Moisture Meter

In caring for your Bonsai, knowing when to water is essential to the successful maintenance of the tree. Whether you are a beginner or expert, a moisture meter is a vital tool and should be used to take the guess-work out of watering. To use, insert probe at root ball level, note moisture level and water tree if needed, generally at level "3" for most Bonsai trees. Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use, store in dry place.
  • Measures moisture at root level. Used to prevent over and under watering.
  • Includes scale that ranges from 1 (Very Dry) to 10 (Just Watered Wet). Re-water at level 3 for most Bonsai trees.
  • IMPORTANT: Wipe clean and dry after each use for accurate readings. DO NOT leave in soil between uses or as a gauge. Meter measures electrical impulses in the soil and will not respond to water alone (as being submerged in a glass).

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