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Complete 6 Piece Bonsai Tool Set (Save 15% or $20.20)

Save 15%
Original price $134.70
Current price $114.50

Set Includes six (6) Tools at a 15% discount if purchased together:

1.   Utility Shears - Item a1074  Made in China.  Long narrow body which is great for trimming buds and reaching deep with minimum disturbance to the surrounding foliage. It's finger rings are also well suited for smaller hands. 3/4" blades, 6" overall. $19.95 each. Buy separately.

2.  Concave Branch Cutter  - Item a1070.   (Beginner) This razor sharp tool is designed for cutting branches flush to the trunk. The resulting wound can then heal over quickly with very little scarring. Will keep a sharp edge indefinitely when properly used and cared for. The Concave Cutter is the single most important tool for bonsai use and for which there is no substitute. The 8" version is considered the basic size. 8" overall. Similar in appearance to shown.  $29.95 each. Buy separately.

3.  Bonsai Wire Cutters- Item a1071.  These wire cutters are designed specifically for removing bonsai wire. Although enthusiasts new to bonsai sometimes substitute standard wire cutters, these are designed with a rounded head to prevent damage to the trunk and branches when removing wires. The jaws of the cutters cut the wire symmetrically and cleanly. Highly recommended for bonsai enthusiast. 8" overall. $24.95 each. Buy separately.

4.  Shears (Beginner) - Item a1073.  Similar in appearance to shown.  $19.95 each.  Buy separately.

5.   Spherical Knob Cutter - Item e1445.  Made in China. Designed to remove trunk knobs and roots. The head is shaped like a ball, hence the name "spherical." It produces a hollow, circular cut that heals quickly with a minimum of scarring. 7" long. $19.95 each.  Buy separately.

6.  Single Point Root Rake.  Item a1075  Used to separate small and medium sized capillary roots during transplanting and repotting. Has a single steel prong. Simple, yet a necessary tool for bonsai enthusiasts. 8" overall. $19.95 each. Buy separately.

Six tools total $134.70 if purchased separately, $114.60 if purchased as a set, a 15% or $20.20 savings

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