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Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree -(pinus parviflora 'aoi')

Silvery blue on one side, green on the other, the long-enduring, straight needles of this Japanese White Pine give this tree a lush look. Sturdy branches display attractive silver-grey bark and loads of small cones. The slender architectural form makes a dramatic feature and contributes an Asian aesthetic to the landscape. Our Aoi Japanese White Pine is a great evergreen for Bonsai. "Aoi" translating to blue in Japanese is how this specie got its name. Has short, beautiful, green/blue needles that grow in compacted clusters. Tree is broad and pyramidal shaped. Slow growing. Provide full sun. Evergreen, keep outdoors.
  • 16 years old, 18-19" tall.
  • Recommended outdoor evergreen bonsai tree, grown and trained by Bonsai Boy.
  • Suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended. To purchase add $11.95.

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