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Flowering Lemon Bonsai Tree -(meyer lemon)

Sweet California Meyer Lemon. This citrus tree always has something going on, either it is in fruit or flower and sometimes both. It thrives in nearly every climate, as long as it is brought indoors before freezing. Evergreen leaves with wonderful fragrant large size fruit. Spectacular array of purplish-white flowers with a wonderful aromatic scent. The Meyer Lemon is a cross between a true lemon and a Mandarin orange. The fruit is yellow and rounder than a true lemon and is sweeter and has a less acidic flavor than the common Lisbon or Eureka grocery store varieties. Great for indoors.
  • 8 years old, 14"-18" tall
  • Flowering and fruiting indoor bonsai tree, grown and trained by Bonsai Boy.
  • Shipped in a special 5" square, 4" deep 2 tone colored ceramic pot, as shown, to accommodate the deeper root structure of a citrus tree. Optional tray is CERAMIC and MATCHED to pot.

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