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Flowering Dwarf Sweet Acacia Bonsai Tree -(acacia farnesiana)

This small tree which is native to tropical America has very small feathery, finely divided leaflets on compound leaves and has a soft medium blueish/green color. The slightly rough stems are a rich chocolate brown or grey having sharp short multiple thorns. The small, yellow, puff-like flowers are very fragrant and appear in heavy clusters three to four times a year providing nearly year round bloom. In Europe this specie is planted for the flowers which are used as a perfume ingredient. The persistent fruits have a glossy coat and contain seeds which are cherished by birds and other wildlife. Great for indoors.
  • 11 years old, 14" tall
  • Reccomended indoor flowering Bonsai tree grown and trained by Bonsai Boy.
  • Suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended. To purchase add $8.95.

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