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Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai Tree -Planted on a Rock Slab -(juniperus chinensis)

Also known as the Chinese Juniper. This needled evergreen is tolerant of a wide variety of soils and is dioecious which means that there are male and female plants. Shimpaku is a naturally irregular vase shaped Juniper which we grow into a trditional upright style. The Shimpaku has attractive year round foliage and its dark green needles are soft to the touch. Very popular and easy to care for bonsai.
  • 12 years old, 10" tall, planted in a 15" x 8 x 1" glass fiber reinforced concrete rock slab.
  • Recommended bonsai tree, grown and trained by Bonsai Boy
  • Suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended. To purchase add $18.95.

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