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Organic Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer Seaplex - 8oz

Seaplex is a cold processed seaweed for foliar feeding, soil feeding. Seaplex can be used for certified organic crop production. Seaplex contains only the most effective ascophyllum nodosom, a brown kelp that is harvested from the cold, clean waters of the north Atlantic. Brown Kelp's slow growth cycle packs it with maximum levels of amino acids, enzymes, micronutrients, plant hormones (auxins, cytokins, gibberillins) and soil biology that encourages vigorous and healthy plant growth. The growth hormones in Seaplex are essential for cell division, root development, and bud initiation, making it a natural growth enhancer.
  • 8oz Liquid.
  • Mix with water per directions on container.
  • OMRI Listed.

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