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Juniper Bonsai Tree -Complete Starter Kit

Everything you need to grow and maintain your own bonsai tree. The tree comes fully trimmed and potted in a ceramic container. Kit includes the following:
  • Glazed ceramic imported container
  • Juniper Bonsai Tree
  • Annealed training wire
  • Multi-colored textured rock
  • Decorative pebbles for the soil
  • Ceramic miniature figurine
  • Humidity/drip tray
  • Satsuki bonsai shears
  • Slow release fertilizer pellets
  • Book: 101 Essential Tips on Bonsai
    • 4 years old starter tree, 6" tall
    • Fun and Great for the beginner; Perfect for gifts!
    • Comes with everything you need to grow and maintain your bonsai tree.

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