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Dwarf Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree-(acer palmatum 'Capercis Dwarf')

Our Capercis Dwarf is a beautiful Acer Palmatum (Palmately lobed leaves) that emerges in the spring with coral or light pink leaves, becoming medium green for the summer. This Capercis Dwarf is a grafted tree because the tree does not seed as the flowers are sterile. This small Japanese Maple has tiny green leaves and a dense, rounded habit. Golden to crimson fall color. Deciduous. Keep Outdoors.
  • 41 years old, Measures 15" x 19" x 20" tall.
  • Potted in a 14" brown oval mica container. Suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended. To purchase add $18.95
  • Outdoor deciduous bonsai tree. Grown and trained by Bonsai Boy

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